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Access control software_V1.1.17
File Size:24.52 MbHits:11UpdateTime:2020/04/06
AI Thermal Camera_V1.0.17.HCF
File Size:34.14 MbHits:16UpdateTime:2020/03/29
Thermal Infrared and Facial Recognition Tablet User manual&Search tool
File Size:35.82 MbHits:49UpdateTime:2020/03/25
H_CMS for camera
File Size:11.23 MbHits:54UpdateTime:2020/01/17
3516A upgrade file
File Size:7.88 MbHits:79UpdateTime:2019/12/21
MStar Series Software(LMS&Search Tool)
File Size:19.02 MbHits:59UpdateTime:2019/12/16
Search Tool
File Size:1.56 MbHits:198UpdateTime:2019/08/27
CMS for Door Station
File Size:10.52 MbHits:31UpdateTime:2019/08/27
C_CMS for Mobile Video Recorder
File Size:49.77 MbHits:22UpdateTime:2019/08/16
Mobile App for Android
File Size:27.49 MbHits:59UpdateTime:2019/08/16
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