CCDCAM’s mobile onboard surveillance systems offer both analog and a wide range of selected products to fit your specific needs. 

Designed for the harsh environmental challenges of vibration, dust and varying temperatures, the systems feature market-proven

 performance and keep forensic evidence for situations such as pickpocketing and traffic accidents.

The mobile monitoring framework consists of mobile terminals, transmission network and monitoring center to form a three-layer 

networked integrated monitoring system, which provides functions such as vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, 

real-time wireless transmission of video images inside and outside the vehicle, rapid accident response, and call command. , to solve

 the problem of dynamic management of existing vehicles.

System Requirement

With the vigorous development of public transportation, more and more attention has been paid to the safety and management of 

public transportation operators in the operation process. In addition to the constant disputes over transportation in public transportation

across the country, cases of theft and robbery on buses have occurred from time to time. These have been troubling bus drivers and

management personnel and public security departments, and have seriously disturbed social stability.