IP CAMERA (IPC for short) is composed of a network coding module and an analog camera. The network coding module encodes and compresses 

the analog video signal collected by the analog camera into a digital signal, so that it can be directly connected to the network switching and routing

equipment. The network camera has a built-in embedded chip and adopts an embedded real-time operating system. Network cameras are a new 

generation of products that combine traditional cameras with network video technology. The video signal sent by the camera is digitized and compressed 

by a high-efficiency compression chip, and sent to the Web server through the network bus.Users on the network can directly view the camera images on

the Web server with a browser, and authorized users can also control the action of the camera's PTZ lens or operate the system configuration. Network 

cameras can realize monitoring more easily, especially remote monitoring, simpler construction and maintenance, better support for audio, better support

for alarm linkage, more flexible video storage, more product selection, and higher-definition video effects. And more perfect monitoring management.