CCDCAM offers a complete range of underwater cameras for you to choose from.  what you need to see the underwater world without getting wet.


The underwater camera is an underwater camera system composed of high-quality cables as video transmission control lines, plus control boxes, pay-off winches and other auxiliary control equipment. The main functions are measurement, monitoring, exploration, etc. It is a camera that can be used underwater, plus a sealed pressure-resistant casing, generally using an industrial camera as the core component!


1. Offshore engineering - preliminary investigation of reefs and seabed conditions. Inspection of completion conditions, as well as auxiliary equipment for underwater operations such as submerged bulldozers.

2. Resource investigation - investigation and research of submarine oil fields and pearls, corals and various seaweeds.

3. Fishery - the detection of fishing nets and fish schools in a specific water area.

4. Shipwreck investigation-monitoring of the salvage process and inspection and evaluation of the underwater parts of the ship to be repaired, etc.

5. Underwater maintenance - monitoring of underwater sludge in hydropower generation and inspection and welding of the inside of water supply pipelines of power plants.

7. Monitoring of rivers and reservoirs and dams and regular inspections of other underwater structures