In the process of the development trend of digitalization, networking, high-definition and intelligence of video surveillance system,

the market demand of network video surveillance system is increasing day by day. With the large-scale involvement of the security

industry, especially the full development of projects such as safe cities and intelligent transportation, monitoring scenarios tend to

become more complex, monitoring points are scattered, and the application of back-end equipment NVR/XVR is gradually expanding,

 and its performance requirements are constantly increasing. promote.

Mainstream NVR/XVR products can detect, track, capture and identify human, vehicle and face targets in real-time video, fully tap the

value of surveillance video, and serve the era of security big data. The back-end solution provider will not only optimize the algorithm,

reduce the repeated reading of neural network coefficients, and reduce the bandwidth and capacity requirements of the chip for external

memory, but also seek new breakthroughs in technology and hardware. , to further reduce product power consumption and improve product